Tim Woodruff single handedly started Driveby Transport in 2011.  One truck…one man…many loads and sacrifices.

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Setting the standard of


Driveby Transports, llc has established specific goals:
  • To provide good jobs, working conditions, wages and​ opportunities in exchange for loyalty, initiative, skill, care and effort. ​
  • To adapt Company services & policies to meet our civic and economic responsibilities.Driveby Transport LLC will foster customer loyalty by presenting a united front to achieve and surpass our customers’ expectations, as well as meeting our own goal of excellence in the trucking industry

To inquire about our services or employment 

opportunities contact us by phone or email.

We are always looking for quality Owner-Operators & Professional Truck Drivers as our shipment demands change.
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  • To conduct a growing, profitable and ethical trucking operation.​ ​
  • To maintain our leadership in all areas of service, methods and progress.​
  • To build public confidence and a continuing friendly relationship for our services through sound business practices, effective selling, and personal contacts.

Driveby Transport llc sets the standard of excellence in the trucking industry by

providing outstanding customer service to all

of our customers.